FORKLIFT-TRACK has been created to manage the risks associated with operating forklift trucks within and warehousing and distriution centre environment. The FORKLIFT-TRACK system has been built on the foundations of the BACKTRACK product which has been phenomenally successful over the past five years (www.backtrack.com).

Imagine the effect of a serious forklift-truck incident on your business

FORKLIFT-TRACK is a tool providing risk management through driver monitoring and reporting.

FORKLIFT-TRACK monitors driving style, identifying those that use an aggressive driving style (fast cornering, late breaking, rapid direction changes).

With collected data, you will be able to identify those most likely to cause an accident and take appropriate action - a lot easier than managing a serious accident.

The most common cause of forklift-truck related accidents is operator error

The most common cause of serious injury and death is truck tipping over

You know your duty of care responsibilities and you know the consequences are serious if you don't have the appropriate preventative and control measures in place

Imagine the phone calls when somebody gets hit and seriously injured by a forklift-truck:

  • To the family
  • The HSE, company directors
  • Insurers
  • HR
  • Company lawyers


  • Monitor driver style
  • Generate driver safety reports
  • Generate productivity reports
  • Generate scheduled maintenance reports