FLTA chief executive David Ellison believes much of the problem of fork lift truck safety lies with managers and supervisors.

All too often, the people responsible for enforcing good practice are poorly equipped for the task

At FORKLIFT-TRACK we believe that knowledge is power and by providing in depth reporting on all aspects of forklift operation we can support managers and supervisors to make more informed and better quality decisions based on fact and data. This supports active risk management leading to a safer working environment.

FORKLIFT-TRACK Ensures that drivers are only operating the machinery that they are qualified to drive. It allows monitoring of each and every driver and their driving style and can identify 'at risk' drivers and retrain leading to behavioural and cultural change. There's no need to remember when your flt vehicles are due for routine maintenance - FORKLIFT-TRACK will tell you when it's necessary.

PROVIDES reporting on

  • Managing risk
  • Monitoring driver style
  • Web based reporting portal
  • Forklift-truck utilisation report
  • Increased productivity
  • Delivering cultural and behavioural change